If You Are Not Bored, You Are Wrong

Consider sprinkle donuts, they are colorful and irresistible! But while we all enjoy a good donut, there's also joy in a simple slice of bread. Lately, I've been thinking about the ways our digital habits shape our real-world experiences.

Migrating From vue 2 Options Api To Vue 3 Composition Api

The vue team introduced vue 3, the composition api to address some of the limitions in vue 2 with a special feature call reactivity. In vue 2 (Options api) it was impossible to reuse codes or expose them globally such that they can be shared across vue components expect with...

Choosing Between Composition Api, Vuex And Pinia For State Management

If you are new to vue state management or you’ve never used any front-end framework the likes of React and angular, you may not appreciate the concept of a centralize store for state management or its important while building a large scale app.

How To Mock Intervention/Image In A Laravel Application

Image manipulation can be time-consuming and can eat up system resources. So, when writing tests for your application, mocking the class or service that handles this task is definitely a smart move.

Re-fetching A Vue Apollo Smart Query While Showing A Loading Indicator

I ran into a situation where I needed to re-fetch a Vue Apollo smart query while showing a loading indicator. At first, I thought the smart query's $apollo.queries.[QUERY_NAME].loading property was surely the way to go. But for some reason, this property doesn't get updated when the $apollo.queries.[QUERY_NAME].refetch() method gets called.

How To Use Laravel Horizon With a JWT Token

Laravel Horizon makes managing and monitoring queues very easy. After installing the package, you can simply visit /horizon from your app URL to see the Horizon Dashboard where you will be able to start managing and monitoring your Laravel queues.

File Changes Not Triggering Rebuilds In Nuxt.js And How I Fixed It In My Project

I had a lot planned for the day, so I woke up earlier than usual, eager to crush my to-do list. And right after having a cup of coffee, I fired up the project, made my first few changes, and saved the file. But nothing happened.

How To Get Started Buying/Selling Cryptocurrency

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around Cryptocurrency, but some people still don't know exactly how to get started buying and selling crypto. In this post, I will walk you through, step by step, the process of buying crypto-assets.

Full-time Job Vs Freelancing As a Software Developer

I recently resigned from a full-time job as a software developer, and have been doing freelancing for the past several months. In this post, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on having a full-time job versus being a freelance software developer.

How To Use a Custom Domain With AWS CloudFront In Laravel

In a previous post, we saw how to serve S3 Assets through AWS CloudFront in a Laravel project . In this post, we are going to build on that and learn how to configure our Cloudfront distribution to use a custom domain.

8 Ways To Make Money As a Developer

There are many ways to make money as a developer, but these are some of my favorites, mostly because of their flexibility. One can take advantage of any of these, even while holding a 9 to 5 job.

How to Use Custom SVG Icons In Vue.js

While there are many icon libraries that you can use in your Vue.js project, sometimes it becomes necessary to use custom SVG icons.

How To Deploy A Nuxt.js SSR App To An AWS EC2 Instance

Nuxt.js has lots of great features, one of which is  Server-Side Rendering . However, using this feature requires a Node.js server which can be a bit tricky to set up correctly.

Laravel: Serving Amazon S3 Assets Through AWS CloudFront

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve your website's static assets is a great way to improve your website speed.

How To Authenticate a Nuxt.js App With a Laravel GraphQL Backend

Laravel, GraphQL, and Nuxt.js are meant for each other. When used together in a project, they make development easy, expressive, and powerful.

How To Implement a GraphQL Authentication Scheme In Nuxt.js

Nuxt.js has a great module that makes Authentication very easy in a Nuxt.js application. It comes with the most commonly used authentication providers out of the box, including, Auth0, Discord, Facebook, Google, and so on.

The Correct Way To Set Up Web Server File Permissions

Working with Web servers and file permissions can sometimes be tricky. If not set up correctly you can run into situations where your Web server is not able to create/write files and therefore generating errors, or a situation where your Web server works correctly but you are not able to...

My Solar Inverter Setup - 5 Things I Wish I Knew Beforehand

As a software developer, there are two important things I can’t do without; Electricity, and Internet. Unfortunately, I live in a country where the electricity situation is not encouraging, to say the least.

Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use iPads, Here's Why

I don't have kids yet, but sometimes I like to think about how I will raise my kids when they arrive. Being a lover of technology, I would provide my kids with as many tech gadgets as possible to help them become tech-aware. And I thought a technology pioneer like...

How To Get Started With Coding

Coding is one of the best skills to have today as we all are now surrounded by software and technology, for entertainment, for communication, and for everything. But very few people know how to read and write code, so today let's talk about how you can learn how to code...