How To Mock Intervention/Image In A Laravel Application

Image manipulation can be time-consuming and can eat up system resources. So, when writing tests for your application, mocking the class or service that handles this task is definitely a smart move.

How To Use Laravel Horizon With a JWT Token

Laravel Horizon makes managing and monitoring queues very easy. After installing the package, you can simply visit /horizon from your app URL to see the Horizon Dashboard where you will be able to start managing and monitoring your Laravel queues.

How To Use a Custom Domain With AWS CloudFront In Laravel

In a previous post, we saw how to serve S3 Assets through AWS CloudFront in a Laravel project . In this post, we are going to build on that and learn how to configure our Cloudfront distribution to use a custom domain.

How To Authenticate a Nuxt.js App With a Laravel GraphQL Backend

Laravel, GraphQL, and Nuxt.js are meant for each other. When used together in a project, they make development easy, expressive, and powerful.

Laravel: Serving Amazon S3 Assets Through AWS CloudFront

Using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve your website's static assets is a great way to improve your website speed.

The Correct Way To Set Up Web Server File Permissions

Working with Web servers and file permissions can sometimes be tricky. If not set up correctly you can run into situations where your Web server is not able to create/write files and therefore generating errors, or a situation where your Web server works correctly but you are not able to...