File Changes Not Triggering Rebuilds In Nuxt.js And How I Fixed It In My Project

I had a lot planned for the day, so I woke up earlier than usual, eager to crush my to-do list. And right after having a cup of coffee, I fired up the project, made my first few changes, and saved the file. But nothing happened.

How To Deploy A Nuxt.js SSR App To An AWS EC2 Instance

Nuxt.js has lots of great features, one of which is  Server-Side Rendering . However, using this feature requires a Node.js server which can be a bit tricky to set up correctly.

How To Authenticate a Nuxt.js App With a Laravel GraphQL Backend

Laravel, GraphQL, and Nuxt.js are meant for each other. When used together in a project, they make development easy, expressive, and powerful.

How To Implement a GraphQL Authentication Scheme In Nuxt.js

Nuxt.js has a great module that makes Authentication very easy in a Nuxt.js application. It comes with the most commonly used authentication providers out of the box, including, Auth0, Discord, Facebook, Google, and so on.